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Night time exterior of Finley's Sports Bar.

She’s like a six, maybe.

After creating a dating profile, Jen has an unsuccessful date at this sports bar with a man who is not that interested in her.

The exterior of Finley’s is actually 33 Taps, just off Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. It features the same “Eat + Drinks + Sports” sign as seen in the show.

Interesting story for finding this particular location. In location places, the first step is to check the actual name (like the Ideal Sports Bar) to see if it’s a real place. When that didn’t yield any results I checked locations where a Dry Cleaner was near a Dentist. Too many to count. I wish I could say I googled “Eat + Drinks + Sports.” Instead I zoomed in the parking sign which listed parking was only for customers of 33 Taps, as well as Big Mac Liquors, two locations that were easy to find and confirm.


The interiors were filmed in Georgia, where the majority of scenes with actors took place. This location is Taco Mac at 240 W. Ponce DeLeon Ave in Decatur GA, just East of Atlanta.


(She-Hulk: Attorney at Law S01E04, 2022)

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