Establishing Shots, New York | MCU Location Scout

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

To establish the location and time of this series, multiple establishing shots reveal different snowy, cold, & Christmasy areas of New York City.

Most shots of Manhattan are taken from Brooklyn looking West or from Governors Island looking North, but Hawkeye uses a more unique shot starting above the Hoboken, New Jersey Transit Terminal and panning up to view the West side of the city.


Additional shots of the city from this episode include Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Center (specifically the ice rink), a street-corner busker (in front of Buchmann Tower at 5th Ave and W 54th St), and the Empire State Building, (plus two other aerial shots of east end of Rockefeller Center at 5th Ave, and the ice rink), all decked out for the holidays.

(Hawkeye S01E01, 2021)

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