Stane Tower | MCU Location Scout

All famous bells have cracks in them

At Stane Tower, on the campus of Kate’s college, she takes a challenge to ring the centuries old bell. Unfortunately her prank goes horribly wrong, destroying the bell and a clock.

The location of the bell tower in the map below is approximate, as the tower is a digital creation. Buttrick Hall at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA served as the building Kate tried to enter (and subsequently ascended) as well as the location of the archway where her friend Greer watched he archery demonstration. The rooftop of the Alston Campus Center is the corner where Kate takes the shot, however footage of Hailee Steinfeld was probably shot on a soundstage. In the final shot below, the Bullock Science Center can be seen behind Kate as the bell tower crumbles.


(Hawkeye S01E01, 2021)

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