Rooftop Fight, Bucharest | MCU: Location Scout

Buck, you’re gonna kill someone!

Bucky and Steve are attacked by polizia in the stairwell of the building and escape out the window onto the rooftop of the neighboring building, where they are attacked by Black Panther.

The rooftop sequence was filmed on top of the Berlin convention center, the International Congress Center. They start at the south end and work their way up to the north-eastern side. The buildings surrounding this, including Bucky’s apartment appear to be digitally created elements based on the buildings around the former sequence outside Bucky’s apartment.

Plaza, Bucharest

Jumping off the roof of the building, the trio make their way through a plaza as the authorities hunting Bucky fire on them with machine guns. This is the plaza at the NE corner and North side of the ICC.


(Captain America: Civil War, 2016)

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