Office Chase, Washington, DC | MCU Location Scout

Nighttime shot of man jumping out of third story window.

He’s fast. He’s strong. He had a metal arm.

Steve leaps out the window of his apartment and into the window of this office building across the street, chasing the Winter Soldier, who takes off across the rooftops.

Washington, DC – Int Offices

Steve races through the hallways of an office, crashing into walls and breaking doors as he watches the Winter Soldier thru a skylight.

This sequence may very well have been filmed in a soundstage, but I have two reasons why I think this is the filming location. The production filed for a filming permit for the LA Times office building at 202 West 1st Street, Los Angeles, also used as the CIA HQ in Argo, and the skylight Steve looks up at looks just like the skylight on top of this building. A weird coincidence if it was NOT shot here!


Washington, DC – Rooftop Chase

Steve loses the Winter Soldier as he escapes off the rooftop. While the view from this roof is of 1528 Connecticut Ave in Dupont Circle, currently a PNC bank, the images are just background plates. The rooftop set was filmed in Los Angeles at the soundstages. You can see the similarities of this rooftop, and the one Jasper Sitwell is thrown off of.


(Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 2014)

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