Shopping Mall, Washington, DC | MCU Location Scout

Natasha and Steve walk through a shopping mall by a fountain.

Captain America is a fugitive from SHIELD.

Steve and Natasha, now wanted individuals, attempt to find out what is on Nick Fury’s secret thumb drive. They go “on the run” into a shopping mall and find an Apple store where they can use a computer.

The Tower City Center Mall in Cleveland was used for the interiors of the Mall.


Apple Store

Aaron comes over to see if Steve and Natasha need any help making their “honeymoon” arrangements to New Jersey. Natasha is able to discover where the data was encrypted and they head out to Camp Lehigh.

Not filmed at the mall in Cleveland, but at the Apple store in the Westfield Topanga Mall, in Canoga Park, CA.


Washington, DC – Ext Shopping Mall

Agent Rumlow and his Strike team pull up “outside” the Mall in their hunt for Captain America. In reality this is a few blocks away from the Tower City Center Mall in front of a building outside W. Lakeside Ave in Cleveland.


(Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 2014)

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