Osborn Penthouse | MCU Location Scout

Norman Osborn penthouse.

So few New York City penthouses have secret rooms anymore.


While Peter lives in a modest home in Queens, his best friend Harry lives with his father Norman in an elegant Manhattan penthouse, just one block from the United Nations Headquarters.

Exterior shots of the ritzy Osborne Penthouse come from Windsor Tower in New York, located at 5 Tudor City Place.


The interiors were filmed at the iconic Greystone Mansion, which has been used for a variety of films over the years including all three Spider-Man films, Batman & Robin, the X-Men film, and The Big Lebowski.



For the sequel, the same exterior and interior locations were used as for the first film. The balcony where Doc Ock confronts Harry during the storm was filmed on a soundstage.


Once again for the three-quel, the exterior footage and interior footage used the same locations.

(Spider-Man, 2002; Spider-Man 2, 2004; Spider-Man 3, 2007)

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