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Exterior of Midtown High School.

I don’t know what it’s like at those fancy private schools, but at Midtown High….

Peter attends Midtown High School, where he is bullied by people like Flash Thompson. Thanks to his new found powers, he no longer has to put up with those encounters.

Only one shot of the exterior of Midtown High School exists in the Spider-Man franchise, and it was difficult to locate. The W. H. Maxwell Career and Technical Education High School on Pennsylvania Ave. in Brooklyn stood in for this iconic comic-book campus. Thanks to TheMovieDistrict.com for discovering this location for us.


The interiors of Peter’s school were filmed at the Susan Miller Dorsey Senior High School, in the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles.



For scenes of the graduation, the exterior of the Thalberg Building on the the Sony Studios lot in Culver City was used.


(Spider-Man, 2002)

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