Cafe Beau-Ba | MCU Location Scout

Exterior of Café Beau-Ba, organic bubble tea.

You don’t like Avongers, I got Avingers.

Pug knows a guy that can make a superhero suit for Jen, so he and Nikki visit this Boba Café to “meet the man.”

The front facade of Café Beau-Ba is a real building in Los Angeles. It’s located at 919 S. Grand Ave. The signage appears to be digital.


Since the scenes with the actors were all filmed in the Atlanta area, Nikki and Pug pull up in front of Le Fat, at 935 S Marietta St NW, which is also used for the interior shot at the front of the store. The store room in back may be part of the location, but is probably back at Trilith Studios.


(She-Hulk: Attorney at Law S01E05, 2022)

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