Metropolitan Courthouse, Los Angeles | MCU Location Scout

KYZO Reporter talks to an eyewitness in front of courthouse. Text: Developing Now Eyewitness recounts terrifying moment in courtroom.

So this chick, pretty descent, turned into a Hulk, like a chick-Hulk.

After the carnage in the courtroom on the previous episode, a reporter speaks to several eyewitnesses on the steps outside.

In Episode 5, Jen and Mallory Book exit the courthouse and have a short discussion. And in Episode 9, Jen is interviewed by a reporter.

These brief shots were filmed on the steps of the Martin Luther King Jr., Federal Building in Atlanta.


Episode 8 contains a brief establishing shot outside the Spring Street Courthouse at 312 N Spring St, Los Angeles, with Los Angeles City Hall present in the background.


(She-Hulk: Attorney at Law S01E02, E05 & E09, 2022)

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