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Shot on location in Jersey City, NJ.

The Main on End Titles for episodes 1-3, which were created by Perception, feature imagery from in and around Jersey City, NJ.

Costume Designer Arjun Bhasin

The location of this wall may never be found. There is an awning in the foreground right that holds some clothes, so that could be a clue.


This is an unknown location on MCU: Location Scout. If you have any information about the whereabouts of this location or any other tips, please send them in to

Visual Effect Supervisors Sandra Balej/Nordin Rahhali/Sandro Blattner

Finding this location was a total fluke. It’s right above and across the street from two other later images, and located at 301 Grove St.


Visual Effects Producer Fahed “Freddy” Alhabib

This was the easiest of all the images to track down, and the one that made me think…sure, I can do these! It’s at the corner of Wayne St and Grove St looking East towards 304 Grove St.


Music Supervisors Dave Jordan/Shannon Murphy & Casting By Sarah Halley Finn CSA/Krista Husar CSA

These images, and mural, are on the “back” of the building at 120 York St, looking Southeast.


Colgate Clock (no credit)

Another quick shot, this one showcasing the famous Colgate Clock which is 50m in diameter and sits near the Hudson River at the site of former Colgate-Palmolive headquarters.


Iman Vellani – Kamala Khan

The mural is being painted on the side of 102 York St as filmed from (approximately) the intersection of York St and Washington St.


Matt Lintz – Bruno

This is the side of a Bodega called Salem Halal Meat on Grove St at the corner of Montgomery St.


Yasmeen Fletcher – Nakia

This “no parking in driveway” always seems to have cars parked in front of it on Google Maps. It is at 125 Christopher Columbus Dr.


Zenobia Shroff – Muneeba

Very similar to the shot for the Unit Production, Manager John B West, this shot also looks West on Sussex St from Warren St. This image captures 215 Warren St in the foreground right, and 128 Sussex in the background left.


Rooftop (no credit) & Mohan Kapur – Yusuf

Both shots of the roof below, featuring Mohan Kapur as “Big Hulk” come from 321 Grove Street.


(Ms. Marvel S01E01-E03, 2022)

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