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Shot on location in Jersey City, NJ.

The Main on End Titles for episodes 1-3, which were created by Perception (see full article here), feature imagery from in and around Jersey City, NJ. This imagery was also used in the Main on End Titles for episode 6, mixed with the credits shot in Karachi for episodes 4 & 5.

Some of the credit blocks have alternate color applications for the same person across various episodes (for example red background with blue highlights, versus purple background with green highlights). This level of detail is not documented here.

Co-Executive Producer Trevor Waterson

Looking at a building on the Pawlus Hook Pier with The Edge building at Hudson Yards in midtown Manhattan in the distance (not Avengers Tower as many presume).


Co-Executive Producer Freddy Syborn

A shot of a WTC train in Jersey City, which was filmed from the Van Wagenen footbridge, as confirmed by Vivian from Perception.


Supervising Producer Jenna Berger

The lovely, and colorful, Van Wagenen Footbridge as seen from the Newark Ave side.


Line Producer Matthew Spiegel

One of the many basketball backboards scattered around the city. This particular one was filmed at St Peter’s Prep on York St. Thanks to Vivian at Perception for providing the location of this shot.


Drive By of Buildings (no credit)

A few quick frames of the sides of a building occur between the credits above and below. These were shot between 294-300 Newark Ave.


Director of Photography Robrecht Heyvaert

The mural is located on the side of 108 Christopher Columbus Dr as seen from the intersection at Mason St and Grove St.


Production Designer Christopher Glass

This unique shot is part of Factory barber Shop at 642 Montgomery St.


Edited By Nona Khodai ACE/Sabrina Plisco ACE

This mural appears on the side of 221 Warren St.


Business District (no credit)

The quick shot of these Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants are part of the 800-block of Newark Ave.


Music Laura Karpman

Facing the other way on Newark Ave, Singh’s Department Store and the other buildings are part of the 700 block. The mural is being painted on the side of Summit Plaza, 730 Newark Ave.


Unit Production Manager John B West/1st Asst. Director Benita Allen/2nd Asst. Director Amir R Khan

Looking West on Sussex St from Warren St, this image captures 215 Warren St in the foreground right, and 128 Sussex in the background left.


(Ms. Marvel S01E01-E03 & E06, 2022)

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