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Shot on location in Jersey City, NJ.

The Main on End Titles for episodes 1-3, which were created by Perception (see full article here), feature imagery from in and around Jersey City, NJ. This imagery was also used in the Main on End Titles for episode 6, mixed with the credits shot in Karachi for episodes 4 & 5.

Some of the credit blocks have alternate color applications for the same person across various episodes (for example red background with blue highlights, versus purple background with green highlights). This level of detail is not documented here.

Saagar Shaikh – Aamir

This was another tough location to find. Since it featured an image of a window from a mosque, I played the hunch that it was near a mosque image further down the page. It was, in fact, across the street (and is the bottom of the building used for the Visual Effects Supervisors). It is 301 Grove St, shot from the sidewalk, catching the green window edging at 299 Grove St.


Student Driver Mural (no credit)

The student driver mural is located on the side of the building at 37 Mercer St.


Laurel Marsden – Zoe

This distinctive Fire Escape is on the back of the building at 239 Washington St.


Aerial Shot (no credit)

This aerial shot is of Jersey City. Christopher Columbus Dr is along the bottom of the image and Barrow St on the lower left. Erie St can be seen running up the left side past the distinctive St Mary of the Immaculate Conception church.


Jersey City City Hall (no credit)

This is an alternate aerial shot added into episode 6 in place of the generic Jersey City image above. The building in the upper right is the Jersey City City Hall. This immediately transitions to an image of a Karachi mosque.


Office Buildings (no credit)

This image has the mural being painted on 319 Marin Blvd (Foreground, r) with 181 1st St & 185 Bay St behind it.


Brick Building (no credit)

The main building with the mural is the Modera Lofts at 350 Warren Street, with part of Evertrust Plaza on the right.


Azhar Usman – Najaf

No one but MCU Location Scout provides this kind of detail. The power pole with transformers is located at the corner of York St and Washington St, with 25 Christopher Columbus Drive towering over it on the right.


Train through Fence (no credit)

A train speeds through a chainlink fence. This was shot through the fence by the Van Wagenen footbridge, off Newark Ave as confirmed by Vivian from Perception.


Mosque (no credit)

This is the mosque mentioned above, called Markazi Sunni Rizvi Jamia Masjid. It sits at 294-298 Grove St.


Row Homes (no credit)

This row of homes and business stretches down Warren St from Sussex St on the right to Morris St in the middle of the image.


Marvel Studios Presents

A train car passes in front of this image, shot at the intersection of Essex St and Greene St, showing Morris St in the background.


A Kevin Feige Production & Ms. Marvel Title Card

The final two images of the credits are shot using a drone just above the Intersection of Christopher Columbus Dr and Grove St.


(Ms. Marvel S01E01-E03 & E06, 2022)

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