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I said, ooh, I’m blinded by the lights.

In order to set the scene for the show, occasionally there will be establishing shots of Jersey City, NJ.


The images from episode 1, a daytime aerial (ABOVE)and a time lapse night shot, are in the waterfront area of Downtown Jersey City. The day shot (above) is looking East towards downtown Jersey City with Manhattan in the background. The night shot is looking southward from the pier outside the Westin Jersey City Newport.


Examples of Jersey City in episode 3 include the following: looking Southwesterly from the Hamilton Park area around 6th St at Jersey Ave, looking Northeasterly in the McKinley Square neighborhood around John F Kennedy Blvd and Dekalb Ave, and looking North, also in the Hamilton Park area, around Monmouth St & 7th St.

Two night shots also occur in episode 3. The first is looking East into downtown, focusing on 181 Bay St in the middle of the screen. The second image could be almost any particular intersection, though it is probably a neighborhood in Jersey City.


Examples of Jersey City in episode 6 include the following: looking North, in the Hamilton Park area, on Monmouth from 8th St to 9th St, probably a continuation of the shot from Episode 1.

There is also a shot showing Liberty Island and Ellis Island before panning up to show Manhattan.

The night shot from this episode is also probably a continuation of the aerial night shot from Episode 3, looking East, with 351 Marin at the center of the image.


(Ms. Marvel S01E01, E03 & E06, 2022)

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