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In episode 1, Kamala meets up with her friends Bruno and Nakia later that morning at school. The conclusion to the series has a major action sequence set in and around the building.

The exterior of the Cole Academic High School was filmed on Jesse Hill Drive at abandoned Butler Street YMCA. There is not much to this location, other than the facade. The interiors and the “rear” of the school (from episode 6) were filmed at another location.



A previous version of this article questioned if the interiors of the school were possibly as soundstage, due to the explosives, destruction, and elephant toothpaste shown in the final episode. Fulton County Schools are thanked as part of the credits, indicating their assistance in the making of this series. So there was a school used in some fashion, but it turns out to be an older school that is no longer in operation. The Fulton County Schools Instructional Technology Center on Union Road in Atlanta were used (and abused) for the interiors. This location was also used for the 2016 film Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life.


A group of DODC agents breach a pair of double doors in the back of the school to gain entry. This was not filmed at the Jesse Hill Jr Dr location, since there is nothing behind the building except a small parking lot. The production used the Instructional Technology Center, above, for this quick scene of the DODC breaching the school. This ramp and courtyard are on the south side of the building, near (presumably) the cafeteria.

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(Ms. Marvel S01E01-E02 & E06, 2022)

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