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I can be subtle.

Kamala meets Bruno at his job in the Circle Q (a riff on the Circle K convenience stores), where they discuss her costume for AvengerCon. In-Universe this is the corner of West Side Ave and Grant St, in Jersey City.

The production converted the abandoned store at the corner of Broad St SW and Mitchell St SW into the iconic convenience store from the comics. In fact the entirety of Broad St, North to MLK Jr Dr SW was transformed for the show. This street was also seen in Hawkeye, as Kate Bishop’s apartment above the pizza joint, and transformed in Japan for Avengers: Endgame, where Clint Barton attacks a Yakuza member.


Circle Q Alley

In episode 5 Bruno takes out the trash and discovers Kamran hiding in the back alley behind the Circle Q store.

This was not filmed at the Broad Street location, but behind the LS Acting Studios in Atlanta on Nassau St NW.


(Ms. Marvel S01E01-E03 & E05-E06, 2022)

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