Bus Ride, San Francisco | MCU Location Scout

She’s writing a research paper on a bus.

The bus sequence of the film has six distinct portions. This is the first.

The bus crests a hill on Noe Street at 21st St, headed North as the sequence begins.


Katy makes fun of a woman writing her research paper on the bus. The background behind Shaun and Katy is from 400 Sutter St heading West from Stockton St. with the CVS pharmacy evident.

Katy’s POV of the paper writing woman shows 317 Sutter St outside the windows, with the opposite side of the street for the reverse angle of Shaun and Katy.

The woman stares back at the pair, probably wondering why they’re talking so loud, and now the background is from the Athleta Store at 255 Sutter St.

Shaun apologizes to the woman for Katy’s behavior as the Benefit cosmetics store at 262 Sutter St passes by.

Shaun is startled by a man, Gao Lei, asking for his pendant and asks him, “How’s it going?” The red awnings from Sight for Sore Eyes at 176 Sutter St whiz by outside.

The man grabs for Shaun’s pendant as Shaun pushes him back and is grabbed by two other Ten Rings henchmen. The windows at the corner of 590 Sutter St are visible now.

Katy reacts by asking, “what is wrong with you?” as the blue awnings of Cesarios’s at the corner of 601 Sutter St Mason Street pass by. The image is flopped left to right from its actual orientation.

None of the scenes with the actors on the bus were actually shot in San Francisco, but on a soundstage instead. Plate photography of the background and stunt shots of the bus were filmed in around the city of San Francisco.

(Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, 2021)

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