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Does he look like he can fight?

The bus sequence of the film has six distinct portions. This is the second.

Shaun tells Gao Lei he doesn’t want any trouble, but is once again asked for his pendant. The Hotel des Arts sign at 447 Bush St can be seen out the right side window.

Katy believes they have the wrong person. “Does he look like he can fight,” she insists, but the Gao Lei shoves her back into a seat. The advertisement for San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge on it stands in front of 314 Sutter St.

Shaun has seen enough and gut punches Gao Lei, throwing him back several feet as the view from 429 Bush St rolls by.

Shaun checks to make sure Katy is OK when two other thugs grab him attempting to get the pendant. The master of kung fu spins up and over thug #1, throwing him into a seat. The view outside the window is still 429 Bush St.

The second thug, wearing a grey toque, grabs Shaun’s jacket, pulling it off. Shaun spins and shoves the man backwards. The background imagery is now from 980 Bush St heading East.

Gao Lei gets back up and Shaun shoves him back before landing numerous punches on Thug #1. This long scene starts around 972 Bush St heading East, and continues to around 930 Bust St.

Klev begins narrating his livestream around 900 Bush St heading East.

The film switches to a POV of the live stream and when it returns to Klev narrating, the bus is now passing 445 Sutter St heading West.

Shaun turns back to the fight, taking out Thug #2 (toque) and Thug #3. He then falls into the seat and waves to girl sitting there. The extended take atrts at the 7-Eleven at 527 Sutter St and continues to approximately 567 Sutter St.

Returning to the fight, Shaun takes out Toque and Gao Lei with a double punch and then a double kick. The bus is now driving by the Adagio and Olympic Cafe at 555 Geary St, which is the weirdest route ever!

Shocked, Katy asks, “who are you?” as the bus drives past 969 Bush St, which is flopped, left to right for this shot.

None of the scenes with the actors on the bus were actually shot in San Francisco, but on a soundstage instead. Plate photography of the background and stunt shots of the bus were filmed in around the city of San Francisco.

(Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, 2021)

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