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You got this, bro!

The bus sequence of the film has six distinct portions. This is the third.

Razor Fist stands up from the back of the bus as Shaun turns to see the new player entering the game as the bus passes 555 Geary St again.

As Razor Fist approaches Shaun Klev shouts some words of encouragement passing by 965 Sutter St.

But as soon as Razor Fist extends his bladed arm, Klev apologizes. Suddenly the bus is blocks away at 980 Bush St again.

Shaun ducks as Razor Fist swings in slo-motion. This background is a revisit of 969 Bush St, except the bus is driving backwards down the street (or the footage was reversed.

Razor Fist cuts through the floor and severs the brake cable. The bus driver begins stomping on the pedal as the bus lurches over Mason St at California St. Shaun grabs the woman’s laptop and uses it as a shield as Razor Fist attacks him, slicing the computer in two. This shot uses footage obtained from California St between Mason and Powell.

Katy wants to know what is going on as the bus careens past 905 California St.

The bus driver becomes injured after hitting a car at the intersection of California and Powell.

After hitting one car the bus swerves down California St (814 California St), sideswiping another car.

Klev shares with his users that he’s not going to drive the bus, since he gets yelled at when he tries. A parking lot at 720 California St is visible outside.

Shaun hops into the drivers seat and takes a hard right turn on Stockton, heading South.

Razor Fist lunges at Shaun, cutting through the steering wheel in the process just outside 621 Stockton St.

Shaun looks up and his POV shows a red light at the Intersection of Jones at Bush. To distract Razor Fist, Katy hits him in the head with a fire extinguisher at the corner of Jones at Bush.

None of the scenes with the actors on the bus were actually shot in San Francisco, but on a soundstage instead. Plate photography of the background and stunt shots of the bus were filmed in around the city of San Francisco.

(Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, 2021)

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