Bus Driver Katy, San Francisco | MCU Location Scout

Hold on everybody!

The bus sequence of the film has four distinct portions. This is the fourth.

Katy hops into the driver’s seat as the bus zooms through the intersection at Jones & Bush, crashing into a bunch of Scooters on Jones St just past Bush.

Shaun and Razor Fist take the fight back to the middle of the bus where the sword-armed villain cuts through the rubber seam between of the bus segments passing by 530 Bush St.

Katy then looks up to see the bus on Stockton approaching Bush, which is a dead-end.

Springing into action, Katy hangs a hard left from Stockton St onto Bush St.

The bus, which is losing parts from the junction between the segments, runs over a piece of itself on Bush St at the intersection of Grant Ave.

Shaun notices the damages bus section around 490 Mason St.

Razor Fist stands and comes for Shaun around 520 Mason St.

None of the scenes with the actors on the bus were actually shot in San Francisco, but on a soundstage instead. Plate photography of the background and stunt shots of the bus were filmed in around the city of San Francisco.

(Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, 2021)

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