Bus Acrobatics, San Francisco | MCU Location Scout

On my signal make a hard right.

The bus sequence of the film has six distinct portions. This is the fifth.

To avoid the attacking Razor Fist, Shaun jumps outside at 841 Jones St, looking towards Bush. NOTE: Only the building in center/center-left is from Jones at Bush. Much of this shot is digitally created.

The bus wavers and Razor Fist falls backwards away from Shaun back at the 905 California St location.

Shaun takes this opportunity to get on top of the bus at 841 Jones St, still with digitally altered buildings.

The bus takes a quick right turn onto Bush St at Leavenworth, stitched together with the previous shot. NOTE: only the buildings on screen right are from Bush St.

In a long take, Shaun runs across the roof and slides off the front of the bus in front of 1010 Bush St, to hang on the mirror rod.

Katy gasps at her friend landing by the front door at the intersection of Bush St at Jones St.

Shaun asks nicely for Katy to open the door with 947 Bush St in the background.

Katy continues to react to Shaun with 955 Bush St racing by, flopped left to right.

Shaun enters the bus at 931 Bush St, with the green sign from Tina’s Salon behind him, telling Katy to prepare for his signal.

Shaun takes a heroic stand as the bus approaches a tunnel near 445 Bush St. The image is flopped left to right (notice the backwards Hotel sign), and the tunnel has been digitally added to this shot.

The bus approaches the tunnel as Shaun girds himself for the fight. This is the south side of the Stockton Tunnel.

None of the scenes with the actors on the bus were actually shot in San Francisco, but on a soundstage instead. Plate photography of the background and stunt shots of the bus were filmed in around the city of San Francisco.

(Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, 2021)

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