Roxxcart Superstore, Haven Hills, Alabama | MCU Location Scout

It’s a hurricane sale. Azaleas are half off.

Having proven his theory that The Variant can be living in apocalypse level events, Loki, Mobius and a number of Minutemen head to Haven Hills, Alabama in 2050 where a hurricane is about to wipe out a Roxxcart Superstore.

The store, on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, was recreated in the North DeKalb Mall in Decatur, GA–most likely in the defunct Macy’s store at the East end of the property. And while there is no actual Haven Hills, Alabama (at least in 2021), there is a Haven Hill Egg Company on the shores of the Gulf in Mobile, Alabama.


(Loki S01E02 & E04, 2021)

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