Abandoned Mine, Lamentis-1 | MCU Location Scout

Of all the apocalypses on the TemPad, this is the worst!

Escaping the wrath of the TVA, Loki and Sylvie leap onto Lamentis-1, a doomed planetoid, in the year 2077. From there they must figure out a way to get off planet before it is completely obliterated.

The look of the planet Lamentis-1, and the initial scenes at least were filmed in the mining pit at the Vulcan Materials Company in Loganville GA. The design of the planet was certainly based in the look of the quarry, but presumably many of the other scenes, including visiting the old woman in the trailer, the train depot, and the spaceport, were all shot at Trilith Studios.


(Loki S01E03-E04, 2021)

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