Time Variance Authority | MCU Location Scout

You’re probably saying ‘This is a mistake. I shouldn’t even be here.’

Much of the first episode takes place in various locations within the Time Variance Authority, or TVA. The TVA is designed like a bureaucratic nightmare using 1950 and 1960 design styles, and analog machinery.

These scenes all appear to have been filmed in the Trilith Studios in Fayetteville, GA. Based on the trailer for the series, some other locations are also used for the interiors of the TVA, which will be documented when they appear.

TVA Arrival Zone

TVA Processing Queue

TVA Time Court 37

Hallway & Time Theater 25

Arrival Atrium & Office Spaces

The second episode featured several other new spaces including Ravonna Renslayer’s office, the TVA Cafeteria, and the TVA Archives, which gets its own entry.

Renslayer’s Office

TVA Cafeteria

TVA Time Keepers Chamber

(Loki S01E01-E04, 2021)

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