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I only ever did what you asked of me, what you told me to be and trained me to do.

Exterior, Senate Hearing

John Walker arrives for a mandate from the Senator who provided him the shield in Episode 1.

As with that sequence in Episode 1, this exterior sequence was filmed in front of the Georgia Capitol Museum in Atlanta.

Episode 6 features a mid-credits scene with Sharon outside this same Washington DC building.


Interior, Senate Hearing

Inside the building, Walker is dishonorably discharged and stripped of being Captain America. He and his wife also meet with a mysterious individual that may have many things in store for his future.

Episode 6 features Sharon Carter getting a pardon from the Senator, as well as John Walker meeting with Val to get his new suit.

The interiors of the Senate Hearing, and the meeting in hallway, were shot at the DeKalb History Center Museum, which is the old courthouse in Decatur, GA.


(The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E05-E06, 2021)

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