Flag Smasher Camp | MCU Location Scout

The GRC is conducting raids to try and find Karli, but so far–nothing.

The GRC and local police are shown loading members of the Flag Smashers into police vehicles as Sam talks about the recent raids to find their leader.

The exterior shots of this particular camp were filmed at the Kasárna Karlín in Prague (the Karlin Barracks), original a troop barrack, but now a multi-cultural event location.


The interiors of this sequence, where Sam talks with Torres, were filmed at the Old Wastewater Treatment Plant in Prague, which was used in Episode 4 for the funeral of Mama Donya. It’s unclear if this location is supposed to be the same “camp” as seen in that episode. The set dressing is different, but it’s possible things were moved by the police during the raid.


(The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E05, 2021)

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