GRC Camp, Latvia | MCU Location Scout

How many times do we have to pay with our lives just to be citizens of this goddamn planet!

Karli, Dovich, and a number of the other Flag Smashers return to a GRC Camp that was shut down by the organization for harboring and abetting international fugitives.

This sequence is a confusing combination of GRC and Flag Smasher locations from previous episodes. The main sequence with the actors was filmed in a redressed Dlouha Courtyard in Prague, seen in Episode 4 as the North Plaza Courtyard where Sam and Bucky meet with Karli. But the sequence also shows images from nearly every other refugee and Flag Smasher location from the series, including: the Karlin Barricks, the wastewater treatment plant, and Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace.


(The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E05, 2021)

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