Abandoned Warehouse, Latvia | MCU Location Scout

Time to go to work.

On the run, John Walker ducks into this abandoned warehouse to gather his thoughts. Sam and Bucky try to convince him to hand over the shield and turn himself in. Walker has other ideas.

Filmed at the Pratt-Pullman Yards in Atlanta, this sequence used a different building of the dilapidated yards than seen in Episode 2 for the Abandoned Warehouse, Munich.


The exteriors of the warehouse, however, are a different location which the awesome folks at AtlasOfWonders.com discovered (as well as Marie, who emailed this one in at the same time). This is the Žižkov Railway Station in Prague, an abandoned station which is now a historical museum thats hosts outdoor films among other things.


(The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E05, 2021)

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