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A regular husband and wife who left the big city to find a quiet life.

Vision House

Living in the suburbs can be wacky fun, especially if you’re a magic using Sokovian and an artificial synthezoid. The Vision and Scarlet Witch have settled down on a quiet suburban block for some unknown reason.

To achieve the look of old Hollywood TV shows from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond, the crew decided to shoot on the Warner Bros. Ranch Facility in Burbank. The Vision House was also used as the Griswold House in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (plus many others), while their neighbor Dottie’s House belonged to the Murtaugh Family in the Lethal Weapon films.

Dottie’s House

The house immediately to the right of the Vision household holds the queen bee of the neighborhood, Dottie and her husband Phil. This house is notable for being the Murtaugh family house from the Lethal Weapon films.

Pool Meeting

The ladies meeting for the talent show fundraiser in Episode 2, led by Dottie, takes place just southwest of the Warner Ranch pool, on the same lot as the neighborhood streets and houses.

Agnes’s House

Two doors down from Wanda lives Agnes (and her never seen husband Ralph), where strange things are afoot, as they say. This house facade is famous for being the home of Samantha and Darrin Stephens in the TV series, Bewitched.


Street View

(WandaVision S01E01-E07, 2021)

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