Motorcycle Chase, Seoul | MCU Location Scout

The Black Widow on a motorcycle weaving through traffic.

Hard right. Now!

Street Corner, Seoul

The Black Widow makes a “hard right” turn heading up a smaller street. She rides along Gangnam-daero and turns right onto Gangnam-daero 102-gil.


Street, Seoul

The Widow races past some people and around another corner, trying to catch up to the U-Gin truck. This was shot nearby the previous scene, on Gangnam-daero 98-gil.


Alley, Seoul

The Black Widow zips into a small alley next to this Kookmin Bank, and out onto the main road, having caught up with the U-Gin Truck and returns Cap’s shield. The crew moves to another city for shots of this alley. This was filmed in Gyeonggi-do near the expressway, in a little alley that connects the Galmi 2-ro loop with Pyeongchon-dong on the North side.


Street View

Stairs, Seoul

The Black Widow brakes hard to avoid a piece of roadway pulled up by Ultron, and then cuts up a set of stairs to chase after truck. She heads over the road, and back down the other side following the truck which is heading East under the expressway. Steve meanwhile is knocked off the truck into a slew of cars the swerve to avoid crashing.

This was also filmed on Pyeongchon-dong under the expressway. The stairs she takes do not appear in the current Google street view. Captain America avoids the flying cars near the intersection of Galmi 1-ro.


Street View ( Background of Reverse Wheelie)

Truck Fight Redux, Seoul

Captain America gets back up on the truck and gives some good punches to Ultron as the truck turns right. This shot takes place further down the road, making a right onto Galmi-ro.


(Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2015)

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