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The Hulk on a hill overlooking Johannesburg.

You might need to catch Dr. Banner.

Bruce Banner turns into the Hulk after being hexed by Scarlet Witch and charges into a rampage in Johannesburg South Africa. The Hulk starts at Yeoville Hill in the Overlook Highlands before descending into town.


Street/Intersection, Johannesburg

The Hulk goes berserk near this intersection, until Iron Man shows shows up with his Hulkbuster, and Veronica, to trap him. Shot at the corner of Fox St & Von Brandis St in Johannesburg.


Plaza, Johannesburg

The Hulkbuster exchanges blows, before the Hulk drives a lamppost thru its shoulder. Tony then pummels the Hulk in front of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature (also in Johannesburg), before trapping him and flying away, attempting to leave the city with his prize.


Mall, Johannesburg

The Hulk has other ideas, and pulls the Hulkbuster down into a crowded Mall, and Elevator. The two continue the fight destroying much of the building. The Brent Civic Centre in Wembley, UK doubles as a Johannesburg Mall, in this one part of the sequence that was not shot in South Africa.


Destroyed Building, Johannesburg

Tony manages to get the Hulk airborne again and the two of them crash into an under construction building in the middle of the city. The location is actually a park, and the partially built skyscraper was added in digitally.


Hulk Defeated, Johannesburg

Iron Man is finally able to defeat the Hulk, as all the Avengers gather themselves up and fly off to a safe house. The sequence wraps up at the intersection of Albertina Sisulu Rd & Simmonds St, in Johannesburg.


(Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2015)

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