Pier 13, New York | MCU Location Scout

A saboteur at the gates of Pier 13.

The German saboteur escapes into the local waterfront.

Pier 13 Entrance and Gates

After riding on the roof of the taxi, Steve manages to rip the door off, before the taxi comes to a halt just outside Pier 13. Regent Road serves as the Pier’s entrance, where Steve is able to deflect a bullet with the door to the taxi.

Heinz Kruger, the saboteur, takes a young boy hostage in order to make his entrance into Pier 13, and his waiting submersible. The chess columns outside the Titanic Hotel Liverpool, serve as the gates of Pier 13.

Pier 13

Steve races down the sidewalk under The Titanic Hotel, which served as a stand-in for the New York pier. He manages to save the boy, and jumps into the water to stop Kruger from escaping in his HYDRA submersible.

This entire sequence takes place on Regent Rd., the Stanley Docks, and the Titanic Hotel Liverpool in Liverpool, UK.


(Captain America: The First Avenger, 2011)

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