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A 1942 New York street in front of Brooklyn Antiques.

I got beat up in that alley. And that parking lot.

Steve is selected as the final test subject for the experiment, and is taken to Brooklyn Antiques by Agent Carter (which is a secret SSR base). When a saboteur kills Dr Erskine, Steve and Agent Carter pursue him out the front of the store and down the street.

Steve and Peggy are never actually in Brooklyn, but rather rather Manchester. The shot of the kids playing in the street is from Dale St. at China Ln. looking North. Peggy shooting after the fleeing saboteur, while supposedly directly in front of the Antique store, is actually further up the street around 45 Dale Street, looking South. All scenes have some level of digital trickery involved to make the area look more like it’s actually in Brooklyn.


Street Chase, New York

Steve, now super-powered, chases after Dr Erskine’s killer on foot (bare footed that is)! After the initial shots in front of the Antique store, the chase continues as Steve crashes thru a dress shop, leaps a chain link fence and then jumps on top of the cab.

The majority of this sequence was shot on the Universal Studios backlot in Los Angeles on the aptly named, New York Street. The final shot in 1942, which is the kids playing Captain America on the street in front of Lucky O’Malley’s, was also filmed on the Universal backlot. It was also shot on the New York street, by the bend, looking back towards W. Village St.


(Captain America: The First Avenger, 2011)

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