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Airplanes on a tarmac at Edwards Air Force Base.

One airport, multiple roles.

Stark Industries Aviation Division

Tony arrives late (naturally) for his trip to Afghanistan, where Rhodey meets him on the stairs of his private plane. The Stark Industries Aviation Division was filmed at Edwards Air Force Base. This particular building is between Flight Rd & Mortland Ave, and houses the McDonnell Douglas F-15B-9-MC Eagle 73-0114.


Bagram Air Base

Edwards Air Force Base, with some minor tweaks, was also used for Bagram AFB in Afghanistan, where Tony first lands.

Edwards Air Force Base

Scenes that take place at Edwards AFB, when Tony returns from Afghanistan, actually were shot on the base, near the large Hanger off the main southern tarmac.

Edwards AFB played a larger part in Iron Man 2, when James Rhodes commandeers the Mark II armor and rebrands it as War Machine, with the help of Justin Hammer.


(Iron Man, 2008; Iron Man 2, 2010)

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