Bus Stop, Queens | MCU Location Scout

School bus on New York street.

Stop! He’s been chasing us since Woodhaven Boulevard.

Peter Parker misses the school bus and runs to catch up. When he eventually gets on, he is teased and bullied by the other students.

This simple sequence was filmed in both New York and Los Angeles. For the opening shot of the film (above), the bus is heading South on 44th St, towards Queens Blvd.


The remaining shots of Peter attempting to catch the bus and later shots Mary Jane walking to the bus stop were filmed a couple blocks away around 4524 42nd St, in Sunnyside, Queens.


The final shot of the bus driving away was filmed along 47th Ave, approaching 41st St with the Empire State Building in the distance.


However, all the shots inside the bus were not filmed in New York. Instead they were filmed in Los Angeles, between 564 and 652 Mateo St.


(Spider-Man, 2002)

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