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We don’t know what we’re doing.

A young couple, Bennie and Claire, go on a multi-state bank robbing spree using a piece of Chitauri weaponry left over from the battle of New York. They are apprehended in South Florida by SHIELD Agent Sitwell and given a choice. This short film was included on The Avengers DVD.


The shots of Bennie and Claire in the car, plus Bennie exiting the car were shot on East 4th St in Los Angeles, just East of S Main St.


For shots of Claire exiting the car, those appear to be shot at Manhattan Beach studios (now Raleigh Studios), notable by the Arbus Cold Storage sign on the wall. Presumably these were pickups shot at a later time, as there’s no other explanation for not filming them at the primary location.



The shots of the banks they rob are all the same location. Both the exterior and all interiors were shot at Farmers and Merchants Bank on 401 S Main St in Los Angeles. This portrayed the initial bank in Allentown,PA as well as subsequent banks in Richmond, VA, Greensboro, NC, Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.



Agent Sitwell eventually catches up to them in a South Florida motel/apartment complex. This is presumably a location also in the Los Angeles area, but has yet to be identified.


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(Marvel One-Shot: Item 47, 2012)

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