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I completed a mission last night.

Working at the SSR offices as little more than a secretary, Agent Peggy Carter takes a mission to stop Zodiac and is rewarded by being called up to lead SHIELD by Howard Stark himself. This short film was included on the Iron Man 3 DVD and takes place one year after Captain America: The First Avenger.

SSR Offices

Peggy and the other Agents work on the second floor of a non-descript office building. This sequence was filmed at 635 Mateo St in Los Angeles, with the occasional New York skyline seen from the windows. But sometimes, the other LA buildings can be seen peeking through.



Peggy using her cunning, guile and terrific marksmanship to enter into a warehouse and procure the Zodiac formula. This was also shot at the same building as the SSR offices, using the loading dock on the North side of the building. The other warehouse with the Southwestern Bag Co signage, seen in the background, is located at 601 Mateo St.


New York Street

A quick street level view of 1940s New York transitions between Peggy’s evening adventure and her arrival at the office the next morning. While replete with visual effects work, this may have been shot on a New York street studio backlot, but the exact location has not been confirmed.


This is an unknown location on MCU: Location Scout. If you have any information about the whereabouts of this location or any other tips, please send them in to

Howard Stark Mansion

Howard Stark makes a call to Agent Flynn letting him know about Peggy’s promotion. In an end credits scene, Howard shows Dum Dum Dugan the new fashion trend from Paris, called bikinis. This was filmed at a large estate on Orlando Rd, in San Marino, CA.

This is a Private Residence. Please be considerate to the owners of the Property.


This is a Private Residence. Please be considerate to the owners of the Property.

(Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter, 2013)

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