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From the cutting room floor.

With any film or television series, there will be scenes filmed that never make it into the final product. Most times that footage is never seen, but sometimes it shows up in trailers or EPKs (electronic press kits). At least three deleted segments from Ms. Marvel are hinted at by the footage from the Official Trailer and the Marvel Studios Disney+ Day 2021 shots.

The first images are from the Official Trailer. They show Kamala looking at New York from a bridge on her bike. This was probably from the first episode and meant as a direct counterpoint to the final shot of her sitting in full costume on the streetlight. This was filmed on the plaza ramp for the Garnett MARTA Station in Atlanta.


Next is a scene where Kamala, in her homemade Captain Marvel suit, says “I’m a superhero!” and runs out of an alley excited. This was filmed in the alley behid the Fox Theatre, which was used as the exteriors of the Kamala’s mosque. This probably comes from the end of episode 2 after Kamala has saved young Hameed from falling to his death. It appears she is talking to Bruno.


The final sequence, which seems like part of a larger cut scene (or a scene that was retooled), takes place at a junk yard. Kamala is being chased by Saleem, who runs across the tops of some cars. This quick shot was from the Marvel Studio Disney+ Day 2021 footage, and is flopped left to right. The second image is Najma, also standing in the junkyard asking Kamala “Do you know what you are?” These were filmed at C&L Used Auto Parts in Atlanta and possibly exist as a version of the attack at the wedding in episode 3, or they could be another fight between Kamala and Najma’s crew.


(Ms. Marvel S01E00, 2022)

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