Onlookers, Jersey City | MCU Location Scout

This feels a bit more like you, hmm?

After receiving her official costume from her mother (who packed it in one of the toffee boxes!), Kamala “heads off to work” leaping through the air on her light platforms as various people look on.

She starts by running past these onlookers and officers on the corner. This was shot at the Commerce St NW & 17 ½ St NW, Atlanta (part of Atlantic Station). Later she runs between two skyscrapers and swings on a lamp post which was also filmed on this bit of Commerce St.



Kamala then runs over the top of this car, where a young girl sees her through the open sun roof. This was also filmed in Atlantic Station, just around the corner from the previous shot on Market St NW, just outside the Express store. The red awnings and top corner of the building are visible on the left of the screenshots.


Najaf, maker of the best gyro’s in Jersey City, is set up in a different part of town this week. He is now on Mitchell Street, with the dome of the State Capitol visible every so slightly on the right side of the first image.


Kamala then ascends up a series of light platforms along Pryor St SE, stopping for a red light at “Grove St SE” (actually Decatur St SE). She then turns the corner and continues running. The corner sequence was shot at Decatur as she makes a left onto Peachtree St NW, and the image was digitally flopped (l to r) to make it appear she was making the right turn from her previous stop. The turn was shot from under the awning at the Walgreen’s with the giant Coca-Cola logo on top.


(Ms. Marvel S01E06, 2022)

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