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Your brother told us about your Avengers party.

Throughout the episode, Kamala is planning on how to get to the very first AvengerCon, a superhero related convention that is being put on at Camp Lehigh, New Jersey. It features Things Hulk Smashed, The Realm of Asgard, Captain Marvel Cosmic Avenger, Hulk’s Rage Room, and Giant Dude, plus tons of cosplaying fans and interesting things to purchase.

It’s unclear where this “convention” was actually hosted. The safe bet is that the exteriors are on the Trilith Studios lot. The stairway that appears in several of these images looks a bit like the stairs located on the sides of the studio buildings at Trilith. It seems as if this was filmed someplace more public that there would be more information online about it, and fan pictures. The interior is obviously a soundstage somewhere.


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(Ms. Marvel S01E01, 2022)

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