Grill’s Apartment, New York | MCU Location Scout

Hey, Orval, you hear that? We gettin’ new costumes.

In epsiode 4, Hawkeye finds Kate at Grill’s apartment getting test fit with a costume by Missy. He retrieves his arrows, promising to return Wendy’s “bombshell” bag when they’re done. Hawkeye returns to crash in episode 5, spending a few moments at the front door to the building.

The exterior of this shot is probably stock footage, and was taken on the North side of Tompkins Square Park, along E 10th St in New York. The scene with the front door was shot a few blocks away at 215 E. 4th St in New York.

MAP – Aerial Shot

MAP – Front Door

(Hawkeye S01E04-E05, 2021)

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