Fat Man Auto Repair | MCU Location Scout

Ronin is taking out the trash.

Maya arrives at the curiously-titled Fat Man Auto Repair (possibly alluding to a future cameo by a certain large organized crime boss) just in time to witness her father getting killed by Ronin. But the question is, was it really Clint in the costume?

This was a difficult location to track down, but the blurry billboard in the image above was helpful in figuring out where to look. It was made easier by realizing that this was also the same location used for Fat Man Used Cars in Episode 4. Apparently the crew built this location in parking lot around 1033 Ridge Ave SW in Atlanta. The street view below shows the construction of the auto repair shot, circa December 2020, while the production was still shooting in New York City. As of the November 2021 Google Street View, the building is no longer standing.


Street View

(Hawkeye S01E03, 2021)

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