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No, you, you drive. I shoot.

An incredible long take follows Clint and Kate out of the Toy Store Parking Lot as they drive down a street, attacked by the Tracksuit Mafia. Kate experiences the various trick arrows in Clint’s arsenal as she tries to lose the Russian mobsters, before Clint makes their final escape across a bridge.

The amazing initial shot of the chase, which apes the design of a similar car shot in Children of Men, is a single, unbroken take as the camera rotates through the car as Clint speeds down the street, spins around and heads back the way he came. This sequence was shot along Peters St SW in Atlanta between Walker St SW and Haynes St. They pass the U-Haul Storage at 300 Peters Street.

MAP – Initial Sequence

The second part of the chase has Kate popping out of the window to fire specialty arrows at the “bros.” Clint spins the car in a intersection (at MLK Dr Sw and Peachtree SW), and begins driving backwards. Kate unknowingly grabs an explosive tipped arrow, catapulting a moving truck through the air. This pyrotechnic portion of the chase was filmed on Peachtree St SW between Mitchell St and Alabama St (the distinctive yellow signs from C&S Beauty Supply and J&J Jewelry are visible, see also Spider-Man: Homecoming and Ant-Man & The Wasp). The car then returns to Peters St SW for a brief moment.

MAP – Van Explosion

The final act of the chase has Clint, still driving backwards, crash through a Christmas Tree lot (see separate entry), which is one parking lot over from the Toy Store lot, at 185 Peachtree St SW. He races through an intersection where Kate uses acid-tipped arrows to bring down the street lights (again the MLK Dr Sw and Peachtree SW intersection), before righting the car and heading onto a bridge. This final shot was filmed at the intersections of Ted Turner Dr, Trinity Ave SW and Peters St SW, with the Manhattan Bridge and environs added digitally in the background.

MAP – Bridge Entrance

(Hawkeye S01E03, 2021)

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