Charity Auction Hotel, New York | MCU Location Scout

Heck of a party, huh?

Eleanor invites Kate to a charity auction being held at a hotel. While there, Kate discovers her mother and Jack Duquesne are engaged to be married. She also finds a secret auction taking place in the wine cellar where both Jack and his uncle Armand are bidding. Later the TV news report indicates explosions taking place outside a “high society gala” at Park Avenue and 68th Street.

As with the theater the Bartons attended, the interior and exterior of the Hotel were shot at different locations. The exteriors used the Lotte New York Palace Hotel, which has been used for a number of other films and TV shows, including Daredevil Season 3 as the Presidential Hotel. The interiors were shot at the St Regis Hotel, Atlanta, with the wine cellar presumably shot on a soundstage due to the explosions and fight choreography used in that sequence. Thanks to MovieMaps for helping track down the interior location.

MAP – Exterior

MAP – Interior

(Hawkeye S01E01, 2021)

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