Safehouse, Munich, Germany | MCU Location Scout

Don’t give him a second to delete, shred, or breathe.

The third episode opens with the new Captain America (John Walker) and the GRC police busting into one of the Flag Smashers safe houses in Munich, Germany. This is the same exterior from episode two where Karli and her team enter into a safehouse and are offered food and shelter.

The filmmakers didn’t need to travel that far for this scene, as it takes place in Griffin, GA, at the corner of Bank St. and State Alley, specifically 119 S Hill St, Griffin. It was used in the previous episode for a foggy night shoot, which also includes the interiors of the cyber-cafe.

This alley location also served as multiple locations for scenes in Madripoor within the same episode. The interior of the safehouse appears to have been shot at another location or on a soundstage, based on the shot of John Walker entering the building.


(The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E02-03, 2021)

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