Westview Main Street & SWORD Response Base | MCU Location Scout

You’re saying the town of Westview, New Jersey doesn’t exist?

The Visions move into town, arriving on the Main Street where the Westview Town sign located. Apparently the road beyond the sign and the house that can be seen are digitally added.

The town of Westview is protected by some sort of forcefield, as noted by Agent Jimmy Woo and SWORD agent Monica Rambeau. The police, of Eastview, even claim that the town of Westview doesn’t exist.

Later,”Geraldine” arouses Wanda’s suspicions during the 1970s episode, just after giving birth. When Vision inquires where she went, Wanda says that she just went home. In reality “Geraldine” is flung through a magical barrier into a field outside Westview where she is surround by modern day military vehicles. This is the SWORD Response Base, setup just after Monica went missing through the barrier.

This sequence, with the roadway, strange encampments and military vehicles bearing the SWORD logo was filmed at the land across the street from Trilith Studios, where some studio work was done for the series. In the Google Earth view for Jan, 2021, the “road to Westview” is evident.


(WandaVision S01E01 & E03-E04, 2021)

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