Stopping Flatbed, San Francisco | MCU: Location Scout

Giant-Man pushing on front of flatbed truck to stop it.

I’ve got Burch in my sights, hurry!

Scott brings the flat bed to a halt in front of 191 Peachtree Tower, which has been digitally relabeled 143 Bush Terrace. No one in the coffee shop (which is the Braves All Star Grill) across the street notices this giant man stopping a truck.


Scott hops on the back of a flatbed truck, using it like a skateboard. The intersection at this location, with its brick inlay and big ‘X’ actually come from the intersection of Peachtree St NE and Andrew Young Blvd NE, in Atlanta. The first image is in Atlanta (that’s a digitally altered Hard Rock Cafe on the right).

The second image is split with the right half being in Atlanta (the Westin Peachtree Plaza), and the left half of the shots with The Summer Place and the downhill road are Mason St in San Francisco

MAP – Atlanta

MAP – San Francisco

(Ant-Man & The Wasp, 2018)

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