Van Crash/Luis Escapes, Chase p2, San Francisco | MCU: Location Scout

Van crashes into parked car as flatbed truck passes it.

Maybe we should trade insurance after I catch the bad guy.

The second portion of the chase consists of locations throughout Atlanta. The elements on this page are not contiguous shots in the chase, but are all grouped here as they were shot in the same area of the city. These shots all take place around 37 Wall St SW with much of the background detail being altered digitally.

After the Ghost takes control of the flatbed, the driver leaps out of the truck as the van with Scott and Luis crashes into parked cars.

Later at this same location, Scott shrinks and hops onto a flying Ant, and Luis takes off in a purple Hyundai Veloster, and speeds away! The Veloster turns right onto Pryor St SW from Wall St, but the buildings have been digitally altered to look more like San Francisco buildings. Note the shot from the trailer below showing the actual look of those structures.


(Ant-Man & The Wasp, 2018)

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