Luis Chased, Chase p3, San Francisco | MCU: Location Scout

Two cars screech around a corner on a San Francisco street.

I love you Dr. Pym.

Luis Escapes

Luis speeds away in the purple Veloster and takes a hard right off Broadway onto Jones St heading North.


Shrunken Car

Luis shrinks the Veloster and heads down this steep road with the bad guys right on his tail. The quick shot takes place in front of 2619 Laguna Street.


Car Jump

Luis hits the intersection and goes flying as does the car following him. In the trailer, the car flew over the camera instead. This is heading North on Jones St at Green St.



The bad guys in pursuit of Luis crash their car at the bottom of the hill as Luis drives away (Filbert St and Jones St looking West). Luis then speeds off down Filbert Street which is shown on the Ant-Arrow page.


(Ant-Man & The Wasp, 2018)

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