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Why am I on a police car? Shouldn’t I not be on a police car?

Street, San Francisco

Escaping from the police, Scott goes for a ride on a flying ant. He starts with a ride on the window of a police car (with some non-specific, out of focus street scene behind him, which all appear to have been shot along Forsyth St. in downtown Atlanta). At one point he lands on the rear view mirror of a taxi. The taxi shot was filmed on Forsyth St. NW (you can see the weird statue in front of the Atlanta Central Library in the shot).


Street Car, San Francisco

In subsequent shots, as Scott evades the police, he flies onto a San Francisco street car. All of thisstreet car sequence was shot on Luckie St NW around Forsyth St NW in Atlanta (pretending to be San Francisco), before the footage transitions to actual shots from San Francisco.


Lombard St, San Francisco

After exiting the street car, Scott is swept up by a gust of steam and flies over the twistiest street in the country, Lombard St. Luis and Hope would drive down this same street, miniaturized, in Ant-Man and The Wasp.


Broadway, San Francisco

Scott and Paxton drive back towards Scott’s family’s house to stop Yellowjacket. The footage of this car was filmed in San Francisco near 523 Broadway.


(Ant-Man, 2015)

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